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Tucker & USG™ – There’s No Ceiling on our Success

Tucker Acoustical Products, a GMS company, is an authorized dealer of quality, reliable acoustical tiles, and grids from USG™. From our location in Tucker, GA, Tucker Acoustical is your source for quality construction materials, including the best acoustical products in Atlanta and beyond.

The USG Difference

Innovation. Safety. Sustainability.

For more than a century, USG has been leading the manufacturing industry in drywall innovation worldwide. In addition to its Sheetrock®, Securock®, Durock® and Fiberock® brands becoming global standards for quality, high-performing walls and ceilings, USG is also synonymous with excellence in acoustical ceiling panels, tiles, and grids.

USG holds more than 2,400 active U.S. and international patents, representing innovations that improve the way building materials are used in the places we live and do business. As a leading manufacturer of building products including drywall and acoustic paneling, USG is constantly helping the construction industry build stronger, safer, more sustainable communities.

Trust Tucker for all your Acoustical Tile & Grid Needs

Tucker Acoustical Products carries a diverse selection of acoustical solutions, including:

  • Fineline, beveled, and tapered profiles
  • Narrow reveals
  • Square edges
  • Trim panels
  • Clips and hangers
  • Trim and molding
  • Main runners
  • Cross tees
  • Acoustical grids (multiple lengths, widths, gauge, and grid sizes)
  • Acoustical tiles (multiple lengths, widths, and thicknesses)

Buy USG Acoustical Grids and Tiles from Tucker in GA

Tucker Acoustical Products offers one of the area’s widest selections of quality acoustical ceiling tiles and grids from USG, including:

  • Halcyon™ acoustical panels (fineline, shadowline, square edge)
  • Halcyon™ Logix™ acoustical fineline panels
  • Mars™ High NRC/High CAC acoustical panels (fineline, bevel, shadowline, tapered, square edge)
  • Premier Nubby™ acoustical square edge panels
  • Sheetrock® lay-in gypsum square edge panels
  • WireWorks™ Open Cell 1 in x 1 in cell
  • Aspen™ Basic acoustical shadowline tapered panels
  • Eclipse™ acoustical fineline panels
  • Frost™ acoustical fineline bevel panels
  • Glacier™ Basic acoustical shadowline panel
  • Millennia® acoustical shadowline tapered panels
  • Sandrift™ acoustical fineline panels
  • Astro® Illusion™ acoustical interline tapered panels
  • Olympia™ Micro™ Illusion acoustical shadowline tapered panels
  • Radar™ Firecode High-NRC/High-CAC acoustical square edge panels
  • Fissured™ Basic Acoustical Shadowline tapered panels
  • Premier Hi-Lite™ Kapok acoustical square edge panels
  • Clean Room™ acoustical square edge panels
  • Touchstone™ acoustical shadowline tapered panel

USG News and Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with all the latest product releases, improvements, and advancements from US Gypsum.

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