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Acoufelt Soundscaping Products at Tucker Acoustical

For construction customers across Georgia

Founded in 2015, Acoufelt has quickly gained attention and acclaim in the construction and design industries worldwide. With a unique Acoustic FWC™ approach, Acoufelt combines artful design and exacting engineering to deliver holistic acoustic products and solutions that set high standards for innovation and aesthetics.

Tucker Acoustical Products offers many of the best construction supplies in Georgia. A variety of exceptional architectural acoustical products from Acoufelt are available* for order or pickup at our construction yard in Tucker, GA.

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*Call our yard to confirm specific product availability. If we do not have it in stock at our yard, we will be glad to order it for you.

Acoustical Supplies for Georgia Construction

In addition to standard and custom acoustical tiles, drywall grid, insulation and FRP products, Tucker Acoustical carries a variety of quality Acoufelt acoustical products for Atlanta builders and construction pros across GA and beyond.

Acoufelt Architectural Acoustical Products

Acoufelt is in the business of Making Quiet™ where people work, learn, live, and connect. Partnering with designers to analyze the way sound enters and interacts with the surfaces of spaces, Acoufelt develops acoustical materials and solutions to effectively soundscape any environment.

With architectural acoustical products from Acoufelt, Georgia builders, architects, and designers can create unrivaled acoustic performance and ambiance.

Acoufelt Acoustical Wall Products

Available in a variety of finishes, thicknesses, and colors, Acoufelt’s complete line of acoustical wall panels, screens, tiles, and shapes include:

  • Solid
  • Fracture
  • Pixel
  • 1912 Collection
  • Printed
  • Creative Cut

Acoufelt Acoustical Ceiling Solutions

Acoufelt’s SoftenUp linear ceiling system is complemented by a wide range of easy to install acoustical ceiling products (available in a variety of finishes and colors), including:

  • Baffles – (truss, linear, ripple, wing, arc, curve, reveal, groove, step, fan)
  • Panels – (solid, printed)
  • Tiles – (solid, printed, WoodBeQuiet™)
  • Clouds – (rectangle, circle, hexagon, Solus, Tetra)

A Higher Ceiling and Standard for Sustainability

Acoufelt is a company whose reach and commitment to delivering responsible acoustical solutions are both global in scope. Acoufelt’s primary material components—FilaSorb™ felts and QuietBack™ carpet tiles—are made from regenerated PET fibers with 60+% recycled content. Both represent significant innovations in sustainable acoustical product design consistent with the desire to help architects and designers meet their clean building goals.

Buy Acoufelt Ceiling Products at Tucker Acoustical in GA

Georgia construction pros and local builders - search our inventory to learn more about Acoufelt acoustical ceiling items or start your order now. Tucker Acoustical Products is here to help.

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About Tucker Acoustical Products

Since the 1990s, Tucker Acoustical Products has been dedicated to expert sound control and is one of a select few GMS companies focusing solely on acoustical ceiling products. From its Tucker, GA construction yard, Tucker Acoustical offers residential and commercial customers the highest grade acoustical products and solutions in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

About Acoufelt

Acoufelt is an emerging force in the design of innovative architectural acoustic products that appeal to both the customers eyes and ears. With distribution support in Australia, the U.S., and the United Kingdom, Acoufelt is well-positioned to continue its growth and service to a diverse, global marketplace with exceptional quality acoustical products, systems, and accessories.