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Rockfon® Planar® Plus Ceilings at Tucker Acoustical

For construction customers across Georgia

Rockfon® is a leading global provider of quality acoustical ceiling products and related suspension systems and accessories. From metal and wood to stone wool, Rockfon offers high-performance acoustical products that balance form and function, and help customers create beautiful, healthy, comfortable spaces.

Tucker Acoustical Products offers the highest quality construction supplies across Georgia. A fine selection of Planar® and Planar® Plus metal linear ceiling system components from Rockfon are available* for order or pickup at our construction materials yard in Tucker, GA.

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*Call us to confirm specific product availability. If we do not have a specific item in stock, we will be glad to order it for you or suggest alternatives.

Atlanta’s Best Acoustical Products Supplier

From standard acoustical tiles and panels (square, lay-in, tegular, angled, etc.) to customized solutions and related tools and accessories, Tucker Acoustical carries a variety of quality Rockfon acoustical products for Georgia construction pros.

Rockfon Planar Linear Metal Systems

Create the look and feel of stunning wooden ceilings, without the undesired maintenance and issues of traditional wooden ceiling systems. Planar and Planar Plus metal linear ceiling solutions from Rockfon offer:

  • Design continuity from exterior to interior applications
  • Easily incorporates lighting, air, audio, and other services
  • Acoustical performance adjustment for design requirements up to 0.90 NRC
  • Seismic and Structural Code compliance (Report CCRR0267)
  • Sustainable materials: 75-100% recycled content / 100% locally recyclable
  • NO organic components to support mold/microbial

Accommodating. Appealing. Adaptable.

Start with pure aesthetic beauty. Then add exceptional firestopping, environmental, and hygiene performance. The Planar linear metal ceiling system from Rockfon, available at Tucker Acoustical, offers Atlanta construction professionals a variety of options.

Closure & Spacing

  • Separate filler strips (Planar®)
  • Integral filler strips (Planar® Plus)
  • Variable panel widths (4”, 6”, 8”) (Planar® Macro and Macroplus®)


  • Standard (white, black, satin silver, Winchester gray)
  • Premium (Color-all, RAL Colours, custom color matching)
  • Metallic (champagne, beige, Iron Glimmer, copper)


  • Metalwood® Woodgrain Finishes
  • Woodscenes® Painted Finishes

The Rockfon Planar ceiling system is suitable for a wide range of exterior and interior applications, including:

  • Airports
  • Entrances
  • Transit facilities
  • Retail
  • Conference centers
  • Lobbies

Buy Rockfon Planar® at Tucker Acoustical in GA

Georgia construction pros and local builders – search our inventory to learn more about Rockfon Planar and Planar Plus linear metal ceiling systems from Tucker Acoustical.

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About Tucker Acoustical Products

Since the 1990s, Tucker Acoustical Products has been dedicated to expert sound control and is one of a select few GMS companies focusing solely on acoustical ceiling products. From its Tucker, GA construction yard, Tucker Acoustical offers residential and commercial customers the highest grade acoustical products and solutions in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

About Rockfon

Rockfon, a leading provider of acoustic ceilings and suspension systems, is a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL International A/S, the world’s largest producer of stone wool products. Rockfon’s combination of stone wool, specialty metal panels and suspension products offer customers a range of ceiling system solutions unmatched in the marketplace. With unique stone wool produced from volcanic rock (basalt), Rockfon delivers superior performance attributes you won’t find anywhere else.