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USG™ Barz® Ceiling Panels at Tucker Acoustical

For construction customers across Georgia

Since 1902, USG™ has been a leader in the creation of innovative products that set new standards of productivity and performance for construction workers worldwide. With iconic brands like Planx™, Radians®, and Illusions™, and constant innovation in acoustical ceiling supplies, USG continues to redefine what’s possible in interior construction today.

Tucker Acoustical Products offers the highest quality construction supplies across Georgia. Barz® linear acoustical ceiling panels from USG are available* for order or pickup at our construction yard in Tucker, GA.

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*Call your yard to confirm specific product availability. If we do not have it in stock, we will be glad to order it for you.

Atlanta’s Best Acoustical Products Supplier

From standard and customized acoustical tiles and panels to insulation and FRP products, Tucker Acoustical carries a variety of quality USG acoustical products for Georgia construction pros, including:

USG Barz® Linear Acoustical Panels

Push the boundaries on ceiling design for any room to achieve the effect you desire. USG Barz panels is an open plenum ceiling solution of the highest quality, providing the optimum balance of access, aesthetics, and acoustics. Barz products offer:

  • Ultra-lightweight linear panels
  • Easy installations and access
  • High sustainability with 85–100% recycled materials
  • Micro-perforations and infills for maximum sound absorption (0.70-0.95)
  • Class A ASTM E84-standard fire rating with Zero Flame Spread
  • Outstanding integration with lighting and HVC fixtures

Acoustical Elegance. Aesthetic Brilliance.

Preassemble any sizes and spacings of slats, struts, strips, boards, beams, and other linear components. USG Barz linear panels offer maximum versatility for southeast acoustical construction. With Barz ceiling panels from USG, Tucker Acoustical offers Atlanta construction professionals a variety of options, including:


  • Arboreal® - wood (walnut, mahogany, cherry, white oak, fir, maple)
  • Metal - Kryolite™, Grau™, Sateen™
  • Paint - flat white, Silver Standard™, Blanco Mat®
  • Sarante® - 20+ distinctive wooden tones to choose from


  • Partí™ parametric perforations create distinctive, cohesive design patterns for unique and inspiring projects
  • Numerous patterns from 2–60% open, in a range of shapes for a truly custom aesthetic

Buy USG Barz Panels at Tucker Acoustical in GA

Georgia construction pros and local builders – learn more about USG Barz acoustical panels or start your order now. Tucker Acoustical is here to help.

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About Tucker Acoustical Products

Since the 1990s, Tucker Acoustical Products has been dedicated to ensuring expert sound control and is one of a select few GMS companies that focuses solely on acoustical ceiling products. From its Tucker, GA construction yard, Tucker Acoustical offers residential and commercial customers the highest-grade acoustical products and solutions in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

About US Gypsum

USG is a leading manufacturer of building products and innovative solutions – including wall, ceiling, flooring, sheathing, and roofing products – that help the construction industry build stronger, safer, and more sustainable communities. USG is part of the Knauf® group, which is the world’s largest gypsum manufacturer with a diverse product portfolio and global footprint. This further empowers USG to meet the needs of residential and commercial construction customers across all markets.